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Follow your heartbeat
I am a Criminal Minds, NCIS, Castle, CSI Miami, Sherlock, Supernatural and PERSON OF INTEREST fan. I also adore Jim Caviezel.. I am a Christian, whose faith in God some days is all that keeps me going. I love finding things to make me and others smile. ♥


"Gonna hold ya
Gonna kiss ya in my arms
Gonna take ya
Away from harm.”


::John and Joss::

Love rarely ever knows its own depth until it’s taken away…

R&I meme | 6 characters (6/6)

things i have a problem with : your eyes and your smile sir


Once Upon a Time Season 3 Bloopers [x]

Because we all know that’s what really goes through Colin’s head

Once Upon a Storybook:

Emma & Killian: A Storybook Love (x)

A gift for my CSSS o-u-a-timer